Getting started

Before you start with Shopstory make sure following criteria are satisfied:

  1. Your project must be React-based (next.js, gatsby, remix, hydrogen or create-react-app).

  2. You have a Shopstory access token.


Shopstory can be used in any React-based project. The documentation is focused around next.js (it's the most popular framework among our customers), but the Shopstory integration code is not really framework-specific. If you're not using next.js and want to learn Shopstory the best way to is to simply read next.js documentation and then go to our integration examples repo and find example code for your framework. For example, you can find Gatsby example here.

We're currently working very hard to make Shopstory compatible with non-React frameworks like Vue.js.

Access token

In order to start the process you will need a Shopstory access token. We're currently invite-only so in order to acquire the token please send us a message (

Let's build

If you use React and have Shopstory access token, you're ready to start.

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